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Infinite hues and effectsItalian and ornamental wall plasters

These finishes serve as a revitalized manifestation of the Italian artistic tradition. By merging contemporary technologies with conventional construction materials like marble and lime, the resulting products are both more refined and resilient. Thus, the inherent sophistication of mineral plasters combines resistance and simplicity of application to produce solutions that are appropriate for any surface and application—from the exterior walls of high-traffic areas to those of private residences—interiors, exteriors, or damp regions. Designed to produce enchanting and one-of-a-kind environments using long-lasting, premium materials, the diverse array of finishes and effects available with the products of this line is appropriate for any decorative endeavor.

All of the plasters in this collection are composed of marble and lime aggregates. The materials under consideration have minimal (<2.5%) synthetic additives, including acrylic binders, and nearly zero volatile organic compound (VOC) contents. Lime's enduring qualities of healthiness, durability, and environmental compatibility render these materials an optimal selection in the current ecological transition.





The concrete finish enhances the visual appeal of the surface
Grooves & banding
This wall texture type is customized by mixing two of our products.


Consisting of Bits of silver mother of pearl, it illuminates your walls with iridescent reflections.


Exceptionally ecological, glossy, natural, high quality mineral stucco, seasoned for a lengthy period.


Be it a Split Stone, Polished Stone, Worn Stone, Engraved Stone, Natural Cement, Zen Stone, Bamboo and Pietra Contemporanea.


Inspired by the patterning of weather-beaten rock.


An elegant decorative finishing with a Travertino stone effect, obtained through a selected mixture of white marble powders.


“Powder Mixture” with selected white marble powders and hydraulic binders for a prestigious olden days effect.


Muro is a lime-based product with marble powders and natural minerals and MICA.


Consisting of rough end bits of pearl, it illuminates your walls with iridescent reflections.


The linear texture for high walls can be textured without a floor-to-ceiling join line and can be hand-trimmed if needed.


Inspired by the interwoven threads of fabrics, this finish is created using a special tool.


Moon Crater is created through a combination of Vixalit, a lime based paint and Visolcalce Extra Fine.


The exterior brick finish is part quirky and part timeless.


Inspired by the interwoven threads of linin fabric. Where the finish is created using a special tool.



. It is perfect for coating vertical surfaces like plasterboard, masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms, or showers.


Terrazzo is a type of flooring that is manufactured entirely on-site, meaning that the whole floor is a remarkable continuous surface, unmarked by joints or gaps.


Epoxy flooring is a type of synthetic resin floor system that is laid on top of concrete substrates as a form of protection and decoration.



Stencil Artwork produces logos and graphic designs by applying color to a surface.

Doodle Art

Doodling refers to drawing, sketching, or scribbling idly, while a person's attention is otherwise occupied.


A picture, esp. a large one, painted directly on a wall or ceiling, or a large photograph.

lIME PLASTERSRegarding sealants and primers:

Primers specified for optimal substrates, such as freshly plastered walls, washable paint, gypsum, or plasterboard-coated walls, are available on the product pages for decorative wall plasters. Old walls, marble, tile, and other substrate types will require an alternative substrate treatment. Kindly consult the guidelines provided.

Sealant application is not required for mineral wall plasters. Wet areas (such as steam rooms and saunas) and areas prone to spills, including bathrooms, kitchens, splash back walls, are the sole environments that require the use of sealants. Exterior sealants are only significant in densely polluted urban areas.

Wall Texz

Walltexz produces decorative plasters of the highest quality. We carry an extensive selection of Italian materials, including natural venetian plasters and microtopping. Also, the company's extensive selection of natural, eco-friendly plasters is a distinguishing characteristic. Ultimately, Walltexz provides a variety of decorative additives for surfaces in addition to specific instruments for the application.

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4th floor, QHub - Coworking Space, Petrol Station, Madhapur Metro Station, Road No 36 & 37, beside Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, Telangana 500033
Tel: +91 81219 79979

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